What Grace Is and What Is Not


I find it interesting the ways in which Jesus described the kingdom of heaven. In one description, He said the kingdom is like a manager of an estate who goes out to find people to work for him. He hired and paid workers in a way that would seem unfair to most—the last of those hired benefited the most. They fully received the grace of God while the others worked hard according to an agreement.

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Grace has been given many definitions, and if we do not rightly divide the Word of God, we will get confused. To simplify things, we can remember that grace is God’s unmerited favor (John 1:1-17, AMP). It’s the love and kindness He shows us that we do not deserve. Favor is a gift; we don’t have to work for a gift. And Jesus is the greatest gift of all. When we focus on all that He is, and all He has done, we can appreciate how God has favored us by giving us His Son as a sacrifice for us. Now, when we need to be healed or delivered from something, we can receive it by grace through faith. Then when we are healed and delivered, we can thank God for His amazing grace. With every blessing, we, in a spiritual sense, see the face of Jesus, which is the face of the grace of God.


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