The Power of Praise and Confessions


The Power of Praise and Confessions 

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The amount of time we spend praising God is the greatest single indicator of where we are in our relationship with Him. Everything starts from this relationship. Praising and thanking God should not be something we do only when everything is good; the times when we are in conflict when we feel the most stressed and frustrated, are the times when it is most important to praise Him.
Words carry great creative power. God created the entire universe and everything in it by His spoken Word. As believers who have been made righteous by faith, we have been given the same authority that God has. We can speak healing, deliverance, success, or anything else we need into our lives; conversely, we can also speak negative things that create problems for ourselves and keep us trapped in them. Therefore, we must exercise wisdom in everything we say. Our words can either help us to succeed or cause us to fail. When we as Christians begin to understand this, there will be no stopping us..


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