Practical Tips for Blessing Your Spouse


How do you resolve conflict? Take a moment to read the following statements and the responses listed beneath them. Circle the answer that best describes how you would handle the situation.

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Strong individuals make strong families. That is why this resource guide is a vital element in building your marriage. When used in conjunction with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, this guide can be a dynamic tool that will assist you in achieving the success you desire in your relationships. It is a good idea to read and sign the commitment certificate in this guide before beginning your journey to a successful marriage. There is no right or wrong way to use this guide. You may complete the exercises alone, with a partner, or in a group. However, be sure to allow enough time to review the relevant chapters and complete the corresponding exercises. Don’t give up if an exercise seems challenging. Press your way through and ask someone for help, if necessary. Remember, your goal is to see what areas of your life need to be changed, and then make the appropriate adjustment with the Word of God.


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