Money Does Matter and So Does How You Handle It


I am a Christian, and while I do believe in tithing 10% 1. of all my income to the Lord, I’d not been totally consistent in this area. I did tithe the majority of the time, but if I believed God was my source I needed to be consistent in honoring Him with my tithe.

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Covenant is a strong word. It is a sacred agreement between two or more people to agree to do or not to do something. God made a covenant with Abraham. He later allowed us to partake of that covenant through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you are an heir and you have a right to your parent’s possession when they pass, you can only receive it if you are aware of it and follow the procedures necessary to receive the inheritance. God has left us an inheritance of riches and blessings, but we are not following the procedures to take possession of God’s
promises in our lives. On page 24, I show you your covenant rights based upon the Word of God. God responds to His Word and covenant, not to our emotions.


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