Deliverance from Self Centeredness


Meekness and true humility does not mean clinging to our own opinion of ourselves. Neither is it exalting or debasing ourselves. It is simply acknowledging what is true, with no concern over what others say.

This means that when the Bible says we are holy, and we are the righteousness of God, we show true humility by agreeing with these statements.

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When we hurt our spouse because we are self-centered, we must realize that all of the ways we can injure our husband or wife are based on self-preservation. Likewise, when we are hurt emotionally, it is because we are at the center of the situation. Self-centeredness is a result of falling from grace.  If we discover that our life is filled with bitterness and grief, and we try to come up with our own plan to deliver us from the self-centeredness that caused it, that plan will fail.  To see any change for the better, we must depend totally on Jesus, not ourselves.


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