10 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born



Christmas is a major global event, but most people are unaware of the real reasons why Jesus was born. Millions of people who observe Christmas do not even believe in Him; however, the significance of His birth goes much deeper than the secular holiday traditions the world has created. When the world was buried in sin and people wondered if God even cared about them, God emphatically answered by sending His Son. Jesus was born for a number of reasons, all of which were based in God’s love for us. In addition to paying the price to save us from our sins, Jesus was born to make us children of God and bring the truth of His favor toward us. He also came to take away condemnation, bring His Holy Spirit to guide us on a daily basis, and offer eternal life in heaven. A single event—the birth of Jesus—changed the entire course of human history; this is something for which we can wholeheartedly celebrate.


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